(Editor’s note: We were approached by our regular contributor, Cap’n John Krissongs, with the following tale, by way of explanation as to why there was no post written for today, January 10th, 2021, as it was due.

“Over the past several weeks, I’ve been a bit frazzled by what really should be minor incidents in my life…a heavier-than-usual work schedule due to the holidays, some preoccupation with a video I’ve been working on, making some New Year decisions on my finances, such as they are, uh, and something else…oh, yeah (snapping my fingers), I know, the apparent implosion of our American democracy.

So between having to hoist the mizzen mast and needing to batten down the mainsail, as well as trying to avoid dying from Covid-19, I’ve been a bit preoccupied recently, the extent of which has caused me not to possess the proper frame of mind with which to write, whatever that is. So I haven’t written the post for the Welcome Aboard The R U Kidding blog that was due today.

Words cannot express the regret and deep sadness that I am experiencing for not having fulfilled my duty to you, my loyal readers. (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA…yeah, right.) I am abject in my shame…I am in need of punishment. (Need to be careful here…next thing you know, I’ll be talking about introducing myself from now on as, “Bondage…James Bondage”.)

Truly, I am sorry about not having anything new for you guys to read and enjoy. (No I’m not.) No, I really am, honest. (Not.) I wouldn’t lie. (Yes I would, I just wouldn’t let you catch me at it.)


Since I know you guys are really angry with me or disappointed in me or hate me so intensely that you hope I get lesions on my scrotum because I failed you, I figured it would be a good time to ask you for a favor.

Can somebody lend me a half-a-bajillion and give me some REALLY flexible terms?

Wait, that wasn’t what I wanted to ask.

Try this…would you take a few moments from your busy, crap-laden lives and read this column I wrote back in December of 2018, asking you to do me a favor?

Would you mind?

Hey, thanks, much appreciated…you know, you guys aren’t near as bad as those MAGA people make you out to be.

Okay, go already, click on the link, read my piece SPREAD THE WORD, SPREAD THE JOYand then do your duty…just because I didn’t do mine doesn’t mean you people get to be slackers.

Love and restraints,

Cap’n John”

The editorial board reminds the readers of the WATRUK blog that the opinions expressed herein are not necessarily well-considered. (See photo below of Board during its deliberation of the above subject matter.)


Thank you.

Oh, here’s the link I want you to go to: SPREAD THE WORD, SPREAD THE JOY