As in “Renaissance Man”…

Using the term very guardedly; no one will ever confuse me with Leonado Da Vinci, or for that matter, his cousin Hector.

But I have been a musician virtually all my life; I started out playing the drums when I was 13 (give my mother credit, much as she was a real wench most of the time, she tolerated me pounding away night after night, back in my bedroom, not 20 feet from her fave chair in front of the TV).

I switched to guitar a few weeks before my eighteenth birthday (you’ve heard of people who “played until their fingers bled” to learn? Yep, that was me, been there and done that), taught myself bass guitar along the way and played it in several decent rock bands, and later learned some mandolin, banjo and my favorite instrument, the 12-string acoustic guitar.

I can draw a little (on my computer…if it’s by hand, forget it, I can’t even do stick-men with any degree of competence), I can write some and the thing I have the most pride in, being a photographer.

So I threw together a “video” of my fave pics from over the past 40 years of aiming a camera at something and tripping the shutter…here’s the link to the video page of the Welcome Aboard The R U Kidding Facebook page, if you’d like to see them.

If I ever learn to write poetry, I’m there.

Love and photo-ops,

Cap’n John

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