Please note this, because it hasn’t happened, and will not happen often…I’m going to be serious for a moment.

(Cries of dismay erupt from the crowd, along with shouts of “No! No!”)

There will be some folks who read what I’m about to write with great skepticism, or maybe even a large grain of salt, but I am being very sincere, and I can assure you that, unlike our President, the lover of Big Macs, inflammatory and thoroughly stupid “tweets” and the grabbing of women’s genitalia, I am by no means self-delusional. 

At least no more so than most people.

As the Welcome Aboard The R U Kidding blog gains in popularity, I have been the very humble recipient of recognition, praise and general good wishes from a number of my readers, who express their pleasure with the writing and the content. And believe me, I am flattered; I am by no means lacking in ego, although once again unlike Mr. Trump, I keep mine carefully in check.

And I receive these “accolades” with what I’ve come to realize is no small degree of wonder and surprise…because it’s completely unexpected.

It’s not that I feel that I am lacking in talent; although I am no Hemingway, or Faulkner, no Dickens or even Twain, I know I am capable of cogent thought and concise expression, and a certain facility for “humor” (such as it is).

Now comes the skepticism/grain of salt part…it’s just that I don’t write to receive praise; truly, as I said, I’m generally surprised when someone says, hey, that’s pretty good, nice job. 

I write to amuse myself…as I have also said often, here on the pages of the WATRUK blog, I’m my own biggest fan; I think I’m hysterical, but I always am taken aback when someone agrees with me. (And of course, the act of creation becomes compulsion…as Ron White, a very funny and irreverent man says in his stand-up routine, I have the right to remain silent, I just don’t have the ability.)

Are you kidding me? Someone else thinks my “stuff” is humorous? The mind boggles…mine does anyway.

So to my wonderful and thoughtful readers, who are so quick to dispense praise and recognition for this, my sometimes disjointed but always unpredictable attempt at entertaining you, at least for a brief moment in the course of your daily lives, thank you. Big, big thank you. Enormous thank you.

Double-secret probation thank you.

I’m really having a good time writing the WATRUK blog…and I’m really glad that you folks seem to like it as much as I like creating it. Some people might question your taste, but hey, joke’em of they can’t take a fuck, okay?

Now here’s a preview of the topics I will be exploring in upcoming posts, here on the WATRUK blog… 

~Orgasm allergy in men

~My vasectomy, and why I wouldn’t allow a class of (female) nursing students to watch the proceedings

~Seniors in Florida…up to our butt in wrinkles

~The inherent incongruities of sports, or why the hell is the net in tennis right in the middle of the court, smack in the way

~My devastating good looks, and other urban fables

Despite what I hear to the contrary from other people, I think you guys are okay.

Love and copyrights,

Cap’n John

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