The entire theme for my post on October 14th called “Dream Police” was that I would never, ever write anything serious…several days later, I’m now going to make a liar of myself, and write something serious. Please note this on your calendars…I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen again soon.

I wrote a post earlier today (“A Milestone”, see below), which covered several topics, not the least of which was how glad we Floridians are that we have managed to go another whole 24 hours without a hurricane.

Lucky us.

There is one thing that bothers me greatly though, when I’m in the midst of “writing” (using the word guardedly, for with no false humility, no self-deprecation, I still cannot see myself as a “writer”) something that is humorous (hopefully), lighthearted or even just silly…I hate to be thought of as indifferent or oblivious or callous towards all the awful things that take place, daily, in our world. 

This thought passed through my mind, as it often has, when, for example, I was making light of our lack of hurricanes here in FL, all the while the people of Puerto Rico are suffering untold hardships. I managed to survive about 40 hours without electricity…I had water (I had beer too, although it was getting kinda’ warm towards the end), I had my cellphone, I had a car that ran (although there weren’t many places to go) and in general it was an annoyance, not a tragedy. I suspect the residents of Puerto Rico are well past annoyed. 

I urge you all to please, do a little, each of you, if you would. Donate a couple of bucks, go give blood (hey, I’m Mr. Fixed Income, giving blood doesn’t cost a penny), go volunteer to get stuff prepared to be shipped to the island, do whatever you can. If everyone does a little…

I know that there are those of you reading this who consider my nonsense humorous and, wow, here’s a shocker, entertaining…from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don’t have much in the way of treasure, enough, but not a lot, and I can’t go myself to the places where the awful things happen to lend a hand, so I do what I can, and more important, what I know.

I believe, and from what you good folks tell me, I’m right about this, that I know how to make people laugh…I’m not indifferent, or calloused or oblivious to the horrors around us, I’m just doing my small part to hopefully, make your day a little less stressful, or a little lighter.

Laugh with me, please…it’s what we do to keep from crying.

Love and joy,

Cap’n John

Post Script…In keeping with the “serious” theme of this post, I will refrain from adding one my usual ostentatious and totally tasteless displays of support for my favorite team, the L.A. Dodgers, who are playing the Chicago Cubs tonight in Game 2 of the 2017 NLCS.

Post Post Script…Not.

Enrique Hernandez and the Rally Banana…

                                    !!!!! GO DODGERS !!!!!

There, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?



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