I’ve never used my blog for anything but humor previously, with the intent to bring some levity into the lives of the nice folks who read what I write; today, I’d like to think that what I am writing is something of a Public Service Message.

So here it is…if you don’t want to waste your money, then under no circumstances should you purchase ANYTHING that is manufactured and sold by the BenchMaster Furniture company. They advertise their crap as “quality furniture”…it’s not.

They make junk…okay, maybe not junk, more like unadulterated garbage.

See that pic above of the recliner and ottoman…that’s what I THOUGHT I bought from them.


I purchased this “leather furniture”, which it isn’t, back in April of 2014, when I was still living in Northern Illinois, from Turk Furniture, a local furniture store in Joliet IL. I moved to Florida about a year later after I retired, and just over a year after that, in August 2016, the fun began.

I noticed a small tear in the “leather” on the back of the chair, on the headrest; after a while, the arms started to split as well and soon the seat followed suit.






I contacted Turk, who jerked me around (the store manager’s name is Ron; he wouldn’t even tell me what it was until I finally insulted him), so I got the manufacturer’s name off the bottom of the ottoman, Benchmaster Furniture, called Information and got their number; they’re located in Anaheim Ca.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll skip all the back and forth between myself, their sales rep and the president of the company, a man named Gene Trobaugh. By being a pain in the ass, over a period of several months, as this piece of junk slowly disintegrated, I finally got them to grudgingly send me new parts, which I obviously had to replace myself. In stages, I got a new back, a new seat and two new arms. Other than the frame, I essentially had a new chair. At this point, two years ago, the ottoman was still okay.

Keep in mind, this garbage was only a little over two years old when it started to come apart in the first place.

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was repeating an action but expecting different results each time; I should have known that the new junk wouldn’t be any better than the old junk, and surprise, it wasn’t.

About six months ago, the ottoman started to go, and the NEW back and seat soon followed. (See pics below; those were taken just today.)

I contacted Gene Trobaugh again, but rather than ask for new parts again, I inquired as to whether or not he knew what a recliner enema felt like, and offered to demonstrate. I never received a response.

This stuff is just awful, as you can see, and I’m out the purchase price (just over 500 bucks for both pieces; not a fortune, but not cheap either) after only 4 years of usage, with no other recourse than to replace it with new. (My other furniture is 25+ years old and still in good condition…I am not an abuser of my things.)

Please, for your own sake, don’t but any “bonded leather furniture” made by BenchMaster Furniture…they make shitty products and don’t stand behind them.

FYI, here are the links to two “scandals” regarding “bonded leather furniture”, one here in Florida and another up in Northern Illinois (again); while neither article mentions the manufacturer by name, what do you want to bet the BenchMaster Furniture people are involved?



Happy tomorrow, everyone.


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