As a concerned citizen (American), I have a question for our current Commander-In-Chief; sadly, we can have no expectations of receiving a response from the man.

Let me set the framework in advance…

Definitions: (FYI, the def for the word “fake” is from my aged and well-used copy of Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language. Notice no mention is made of “English”. (Reader will insert “winky face” here.) The legal defs are from my copy of The Law Dictionary, which resides on one of the shelves of my, using the term grandiosely, library.)

                fake: “not genuine; counterfeit”

                libel: “defamatory writing; any published matter which tends to degrade a person in the eyes of his neighbors, or to render him ridiculous”

                defamation: “a flexible term for the uttering of spoken or written words concerning someone, which tend to injure that person’s reputation and for which an action for damages may be brought”

Now I’m no Einstein, but that all seems pretty straightforward to me. 

So, Mr. Trump…in your references to such news-reporting agencies as CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post or the New York Times, any story put forth by these organs, and others, that is critical of you or your associates or with which you disagree is immediately labeled “fake news” (a term I have come to roundly and vigorously detest, every time I hear it) and condemned by not only yourself by but your minions. Further, you are known for your fondness for litigation and quickness to take offense to pretty much everything.

Given the definitions above, that “fake” is not genuine, i.e. a lie, and that any such lies would presumably constitute “libel” and are therefore “defamatory” to you, here is my question: why are you not in court, suing the shit out of everyone in the news media that publishes/broadcasts such reports?

I don’t get it.

Now certainly President Tweety Bird cannot possibly be made to look any more “ridiculous” than he manages to make himself look every time he opens his mouth or with his constant barrage of “tweets” condemning the things said about him, and given his reputation, injury to same is difficult to imagine. But PTB has never been reticent to engage his “enemies”, and I cannot for the life of me comprehend why he doesn’t have an enormous battery of lawyers in various courts all over the country, each pursuing an “action for damages” for each and every one of these “fake news” reports and stories. 

Per WikiPedia, William of Occam was an English friar and scholastic philosopher who wrote primarily in the 14th century, and who postulated that, when considering a problem, given competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

It would seem that there are two “competing hypotheses” here…either the “fake news” reports and stories constantly being challenged by the President are in fact, within the realm of human error, accurate, making PTB a liar, or they are in fact “fake news”, as he purports them to be, and he is too cowardly to pursue damages for the injury to his character, such as it is.

Because no reputable news agency, which all of the above are undoubtedly, would ever risk the exposure to libel proceedings by constantly printing/broadcasting “lies”; the thought is ludicrous in the extreme.

So I’ll take “Liars and Cowards” for a gazillion, Alex.

I have commented to several friends that I believe it is merely a matter of time, and in fact may already have taken place and we as Americans are just unaware of it as yet, that Mr. Trump will commit some egregious “high crime or misdemeanor” for which he can be impeached; certainly there currently exists a stunning number of potential situations already in which he has been involved that speak to this eventuality.

Sadly, being a liar and a coward, an abuser of women or just an all-around asshole does not rise to that level of accusation.

In a related event, the voters of Alabama exercised good judgment and elected Democrat Greg Jones as their junior Senator yesterday, leaving alleged child abuser and Republican candidate Roy Moore out in cold.

Per Mr. Moore yesterday evening…”Realize that when the vote is this close that it’s not over. We also know that God is always in control.”

Apparently, for a change, God was indeed in control.

In keeping with the “game show” theme from above, “The password is irony.” 

Love and lawsuits,

Cap’n John

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