(Just an FYI, but your Cap’n is wearing this exact tee-shirt, as he’s writing this post…and per the Cap’n, it is his fervent hope that you never lose your wiener.)

By now, if you’ve been following my blog, the Welcome Aboard The R U Kidding, you may have noticed that I have a real love of old black and white photos, so much so that I enjoy posting ones that I find on-line with an explanation for each, in case the reader is from the Planet Altair-4 (see my previous post, (“THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HAS JUST ISSUED AN ‘EVERYTHING” ALERT FOR FLORIDA” 11/24/17) and doesn’t understand the context. Admittedly, some of my “captions” may skew the meaning a bit, but hey, is this a great country or what? (Thankfully, since the citizens of the U.S. decided to make Donald Trump our President last year, America is great again. Or so we’re told…)

Anyway, if you’re from another planet, and don’t get what these pics are all about, oh well, sucks to be you. 

Yes, race fans, that is a Chevrolet Corvair nitro-burning funny car (remember the Corvair?). No, I have never seen one before, yes, Ralph Nader would probably be appalled and yes, I was taller in several of my previous incarnations. Better looking too.

Good luck taking a “selfie” with that rig…

Two aliens from the Planet Zatox, disguised as young boys back in the ’50s, moving one of their “birthing pods” to a safer location…good thing, too, because Farmer Jones was starting to get suspicious about what he thought were missing watermelons.

“Shit, how’s my hoo-hoo? I thought you said to wear my tutu…geez.”

The “ladies” at the Grand Ol’ Opry sure like their new “Horesy Strap-ons”…they give a whole new dimension to the term “going bareback”. Brought to you by the maker of Strap-On Tools…”A girl’s best friend”.

Upon learning that becoming airborne for minutes at a time could potentially cure his constipation, Dr. Henrik Spritzkuchen invented the “Flying Squirrel” snowsuit, using the latest in hi-tech materials. Sadly for the people viewing the testing of Dr. Spritzkuchen’s invention (shown above), it was a resounding success.

Now I have no idea where this photo was taken, but even as dumb as I am I can see that it wasn’t in Antarctica, so where the hell did the penguins come from? I mean, those sure as hell aren’t llamas following that guy with the bucket. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

I’ll bet you President Trump would be furious to see this picture…imagine, two soldiers, kissing, right there in broad daylight. Terrible. I just hope to hell they aren’t transgender.

VR from the ’50s?

The candidates for “Virgin Sacrifice Day”, arriving at the palace to be inspected by the King, who will then choose one of the lucky ladies to be this month’s offering to the gods.

Sort of like being on the White House staff these days.

You couldn’t beat the ’50s for giant home appliances and gadgets, worn by nice-looking women with great legs.

A girl and her dog…his two ears put together weigh more than she does.

So little time, so many photos…time to quit.

I’ll leave you with something that a very smart man once told me…

“If at first you don’t succeed, try a bigger hammer.”

Love and zoom lenses,

Cap’n John

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