Rock n’ roll still affects me that way…always has.

I remember where I was the first time I heard “California Girls” by the Beach Boys…the first time I heard “Satisfaction” and all the guys in the eighth grade at St. Jude’s Marycrest were convinced that the singer (we didn’t know from Mick Jagger back then) was saying something dirty in the 2nd verse…the first time I heard “She Loves You” by those four young guys with the mop haircuts from Liverpool England…I remember that Sunday night in February back in 1964, when we parked in front of the TV to watch those same four “lads” captivate Ed Sullivan, and with him, an entire nation of kids…I remember during the summer of ’73, the summer that the song “Smoke On The Water” by one of the all-time great rock bands Deep Purple was released; I was playing around the Northern Illinois area in a bar/concert band back in those days, and “Smoke” got crazy popular and we were getting so many requests to hear it that we wound up playing the song almost every set, or four/five times a night (months later, I was still hearing that “duh, duh, DUH, duhduh, duh duh…duh, duh, DUH, duhduh” riff in my sleep)…I still get the chills when I hear the opening bassline to “Eight Miles High” by THE seminal American band, the Byrds…I remember seeing Van Halen at the old Chicago Stadium back in ’80 or ’81, I don’t recall now, but we had seats center aisle, about 40 rows back from the stage; my ears rang for two days afterwards…going through a painful break-up with the only woman I ever loved, just at time when that haunting ballad “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt was getting airplay on the local radio, and to this day every time I hear that song, which I dearly love, I get all teary-eyed…anything by the Allman Brothers…I remember the first time I heard “Purple Haze” by Mr. Hendrix, and just sat with my mouth open, I was so stunned.

To quote Mick and the Boys, “oh no, it’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it.”

Moving along…

…ripping into a blazing mandolin solo…

“…and now, the Crazy Tennesseans doing their rendition of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfingers…”

Bossie and her date, Lladizlas “Cold Hands” Snotzlowski, on their way to an evening of dinner at Leopold’s and then to the theater, with a night-cap perhaps at that quaint little bistro just off of Nowy Swiat down in the District. (And yes, for those of you who are concerned, Bossie is over 18 years of age.)

I once worked with a guy that had the unbelievably disgusting habit of entering the men’s room, just about every day after lunch, and then proceeding to, using his term for the act, “park a coil”, said parking of said coil resulting in a floating miasma of odor so powerful, so malodorous as to bring tears to the eyes of anyone entering the restroom subsequent to the same said parking…the above is how we finally learned to cope with the situation.

…they have such sad looks on their little, white faces…

“…coming soon to a Land Rover dealer near you…”

Phone rings…

“Ajax Pharmacy, this is Homer, how can we help you?”

From inside of phone…

“Do you carry fan Viagra?”

Click…dial tooooooooooone. (And screw that “a tree falling in the forest” bullshit, I wanna’ know where the dial tone goes when you hang up your phone. Huh? Tell me that one, somebody, ’cause if I can’t get a straight answer from the phone company people about this, I’m going to start thinking conspiracy. Hey, this is some scary shit here, you know.)

“And how was your day, dear?”…

And a BIG shout-out to my Number One Fan (a dubious distinction indeed, considering the ENTIRE fan-club has a membership of three) and fellow laborer in the Publix vineyards, Maureen Klatzhaber. (FYI, the names have been changed to somehow incriminate the innocent.) Mo is living proof that it is possible to be a major sweetie and have questionable taste in what you construe to be “humor”, simultaneously. 

Hey, Mo, I didn’t you were an African-American male…

Yeah, for me it was the eyesight that went second, just after the hearing…first?

Never mind.

I so, so wish I had taken this pic…beautiful.

Love and “The White Album”,

Cap’n John

…and there goes the Cap’n, headed back to the Kidding, and at his side, handling the GPS “chores”, his loyal First Mate Taffie…on their way to bigger and better things, one would hope.


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